A few improvements to the Bullet
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I fitted Mr Hitchcocks 50s style exhaust system but it didn't really line up very well to the fixing points on the frame.

As supplied the pipe nipped in towards the back of the bike instead of being parallel.

I made a new stud up from stainless rod with a spacer to line it up better. The stud goes all the way across the frame and also holds the kick stand on.

detailfrontexhang.jpg (141652 bytes)
The silencer also didn't line up very well and the bracket was fouling the swinging arm.

Another spacer and a longer bolt sorted that out.

(the other fitting on the bolt is the rear crash bar)

detailrearexhang.jpg (181518 bytes)
I found the saddle seat base was rubbing on the rear mudguard.

More SS spacers sorted that by lifting the front mountings.

The original stud was a cycle thread and I'm trying to move towards metric where I can.
As the stud had to be longer anyway I cut the head off a suitable cycle bolt and cut a metric thread on the end to make a cycle/metric stud.

Finished off with dome head nuts (I like dome heads)

detailsaddlespacer.jpg (96220 bytes)
I fitted Hitchcocks steel axle caps as the thought of the alloy ones giving way didn't bear thinking about.

Again, finished off with domed nuts loctited on.
This was before I'd thought of the mixed thread stud idea I used on the seat so it's not metric.

(you don't need shouldered nuts if you get the washers right.

detailforks.jpg (191571 bytes)
A made up a new big SS stud and domed nuts for the main frame fixing and replaced the others with SS
(they're not really that big - just the photo)

I didn't like the bottom brackets on the crash bars so I drilled the engine plates and bolted the U bolts straight on.
I lot tidier.

The nut and bolt second from bottom is just to fill in that spare hole (what was it for?)

detailengplates.jpg (169976 bytes)
Fitted a SS engine stay and found a better place for the horn.

I didn't like it stuck out at the front.

I could do with a better looking horn sometime.

(Someone has since told me the horn won't like the heat and vibration - if it busts I'll just have to get a nicer horn :-)

detailhorn.jpg (224297 bytes)
SS dome heads on the grab bar.
They just look nicer.
detailgrab.jpg (204796 bytes)
SS socket head screws on the mudguard stays.
Should help to stop any rust setting in.
detailmudguard.jpg (127808 bytes)
I found it fiddly undoing the float bowl screws so replaced with socket head screws detailcarb.jpg (127153 bytes)