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Classic Bullet Distributor Post Threads

First of all, why do people refer to the points housing as a distributor? On a single cylinder engine?

There is a problem with the threads on the hex posts which hold the points plate on to the housing and also hold the cover on.
These screw into the body of the "distributor" which is an aluminium casting.

Now, it's not really good practice to have a steel thread into aluminium when that thread is going to be disturbed at all regularly.
OK, so you don't have to adjust the timing very often but when you do, you are probably going to be tightening/slackening that thread quite a few times untill you get it right.

The fact that Hitchcock's sell a repair kit to fix stripped threads here suggests that quite a few people have a problem.

This just replaces the M5 thread with a M6 thread but what happens if you strip the M6? There's no room to go any bigger.


If your thread is not stripped

My modification will prevent the stripped thread in the first place.

1) Remove the hex posts (one at a time to preserve the ignition timing)

2) Cut off the male thread, drill and tap out the hex post to M5 (half of it is already tapped to M5 - just continue the thread)

3) Cut a suitable length of M5 threaded stock (or a cut off screw) and cut a screwdriver slot in the end.

4) Loctite this stud into the "distributor" housing.

5) Screw on the modified hex post.

6) Repeat with the other post.

If your thread is stripped
You can do a simular modification
but you will need to Helicoil the "distributor" at M5 or go up to M6

You now have a steel to steel thread which should last a lifetime unless you are particularly hamfisted.

Works for me!!