Moving the rear carrier

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Having put on a single saddle (for the sake of my dodgy back) I found the rear carrier looked daft right at the back.
The small rear rack from Hitchcocks looks a bit small and as I already had the rack I thought I'd re-position it.
It only took a few hours to make some brackets and cut down the existing rear carrier to bring it forward.
It puts the weight in the right place as well.
rack01.jpg (513385 bytes)
Front tubes of the rack cut off and re-positioned on the new brackets.

Mounting points are the original rear ones for the dual seat and the tops of the suspension units.

rack02.jpg (394475 bytes)
Front bracket had to be cranked to clear the mudguard support.
This might be different on the 500 models with skinnier guards.

Rear brackets are just right angles.
rack03.jpg (257973 bytes)