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Sight glass for checking rocker feed oil flow.

This is not my idea or design - I just adapted it for the 350

Many thanks to "Johnny Singles" on Hitchcocks forum for the idea.
There's a link in Johnny's original post to a video of his system working.

A useful mod. for the more paranoid among us.

It is useful to be able to check quickly if oil is circulating in your engine.

If you can verify that oil is being delivered to the rockers by the scavenge pump then all should be well.
All the circulating oil goes to the rockers on Bullets unlike a lot of classic bikes.

The sight glass is a fuel filter with brass ends and glass body. Don't try it with cheaper plastic ones of course.

I drilled, tapped and trimmed the hose connections to take the homemade brass adaptors. These were made on a wood lathe as I don't have a metal lathe. Brass works quite well with HSS tools as long as you take your time. Cutting isn't really possible but you can scrape and drill OK. The adaptors are threaded to screw into the filter body.

There isn't as much room on the kickstart models as the electric starts (Johnny's original design has the filter positioned a lot lower) so I re-made the whole rocker feed system in 6mm copper (couldn't source a "T" in 5mm although the pipe is available)

The 5mm (almost) original feedpipe just fitted nicely inside the 6mm so I just soldered one inside the other. This avoided having to re-solder at the banjos. There isn't much room to drill those out or resolder the bigger pipe.

I worked with fluids under pressure for 30 years and I'm convinced there will be no problem with the feed pipes being different lengths. The pressure difference will be minimal.

I think I'll carry the old system with me for the first few rides "just in case"