Centre stand improvement

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The modern bullet centre stand tends to wear because the spindle revolves in the frame rather than stand revolving on the spindle. To stop this wear I'm preventing the spindle moving and fitting a grease nipple into the stand.
First thing is to get the springs off.

Thanks to Roy Billson on Hitchcocks forum for this method.

Force some washers into the springs when the stand is down.
When the stand is swung back the spring comes off fairly easily.

The down side is the paint comes off but who looks under there anyway.

standfix1.jpg (163721 bytes)
I've since found a better way of stretching the spring.
Not a brilliant photo but you use a suitable box spanner (or drilled bolt) through the bottom of the stand and a strong length of wire round the spring and through the bolt.
As you wind the spanner/bolt with a ratchet and suitable socket the spring is stretched.
I've not tried it but it looks a very elegant solution.

Thanks to this french site for the idea.

wpe2.jpg (27520 bytes)wpe1.jpg (22491 bytes)
The spindle is stepped and not the same diameter throughout as I thought, but the mod will still get a lot more surface for the stand to pivot on.

I've drilled one of the split pin holes out to 6mm and put a screw and nut on.

standfix2.jpg (173306 bytes)
The spindle back in position.

There is just enough room to get the other side split pin in if you make sure the flats on the screw and nut are parallel.

You can see here that the wear is all on the thin frame plate if the spindle revolves with the stand.
If the spindle can't revolve the wear is on much bigger surface.

standfix3.jpg (208347 bytes)
Nipple in place and cable tie to stop the spindle turning. Not very tidy but you would have to lie on the floor to see it.

Springs back on and filled with grease.
It came out evenly at both ends

The end of the nipple only just clears the frame as the stand swings.

standfix4.jpg (222036 bytes)