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Home Made Swarf Collector


Anyone who cuts or drills metal knows that swarf and filings get everywhere and are sometimes difficult to clear up with a brush and dust pan.

I've seen magnetic swarf colledtors at Machine Mart but always thought they were a but expensive for what they are so I thought I'd make my own.

You need a good strong magnet.
I got this on Ebay for six quid and was the only thing I had to buy.
Dimensions are 23mm diameter 20mm deep.

Next you need a length of plastic plumbing pipe 34mm OD

You need to bung up one end. I found a plastic bottle top which fitted.
Fastened in with alu. pop rivets.

The ring half way up the outside of the tube is to stop swarf sliding up the outside when you take the magnet out.

Fit the magnet on a length of dowel somewhat longer than the pipe.

The collar and the bung that the dowel goes through I made on the wood lathe but they don't need to be as posh as that.

The dowel with magnet attached goes inside the tube.

You can pick up anything as long as it's magnetic.

These magnets are really strong.

Then you just hold the device over your waste bin and pull the magnet back.

All the swarf drops off but can get dragged up the outside of the tube.
That's what the ring's for half way up the tube.

The device isn't very good at pulling swarf from  steel as the whole thing gets magnetised.
I just brush it all onto the bench/floor then pick it up with the magnet.